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"A woman in a red dress and a denim jacket smiles joyfully as she picks tulips at Hope Flower Farm and Winery. She is holding a gray bucket, ready to collect the flowers, with lush greenery and more tulip plants in the background under a clear blue sky."

Tulip Days at Hope Flower Farm and Winery

Discover the enchanting colors of spring at Tulip Days at Hope Flower Farm and Winery. Our video tour takes you through our vibrant tulip fields, lets you pick your own tulips, and explores the winery’s offerings—from Spring Wines to our beloved Jack Cat Hard Cider. Join us for a day of beauty and relaxation in Northern Virginia’s countryside, and learn how to nurture tulips for your garden. It’s a perfect blend of floral charm and culinary delight, ideal for a family outing or a serene escape.

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A smiling woman in a vibrant red dress and a denim jacket is standing in a well-lit kitchen. She's pointing to a sign she's holding, which reads "BETTER THAN YOUR MOM'S BASEMENT" in bold, contrasting fonts.

It’s Time to Move from your Mom’s Basement

Navigating the leap from renting to owning can transform your financial future. In our latest blog, “It’s Time to Move from your Mom’s Basement,” we unveil the striking wealth benefits of homeownership. With a detailed look at recent trends and invaluable first-time buyer tips, we lay down the blueprint to elevate your net worth. Kelly Ettrich is ready to guide you through every step of this exciting journey. Ready to invest in your future? Let’s take the first step together.

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A professional woman with a warm smile, standing in front of a stylish wooden garage door, holding a leaf blower in one hand and a broom in the other, ready for spring cleaning. She is getting a home ready for the Loudoun County Real Estate Update!

Loudoun County Real Estate Update for April

Discover the prime listings and market insights in the April Loudoun County Real Estate Update with Kelly Ettrich. This month, we showcase homes that perfectly embody the Northern Virginia lifestyle—from family residences in serene neighborhoods to luxurious condos with stunning views. Get a glimpse of the homes under contract, those that have recently closed, and the exceptional properties set to hit the market this spring.

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Kelly Ettrich, a professional real estate agent, smiling and holding a coffee mug with the text 'Koffee with Kelly' on it. With our guide, unlock the secrets of the 2024 real estate market. With our guide, unlock the secrets of the 2024 real estate market and interest rate trends. Get real estate expert guidance!

2024 Real Estate Market

Navigate the 2024 real estate market with confidence through our expert guide. Delve into interest rate trends, proactive homebuying strategies, and gain valuable insights from Loudoun County’s market forecast. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to sell, understand the true cost of waiting and how to make a smart investment in an uncertain market. Discover the benefits of expert guidance and start your journey with Kelly Ettrich, your trusted real estate advisor.

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Kelly Ettrich, professional real estate agent in Loudoun County, smiling next to a 'For Sale' sign outside a beautiful property.

Open Houses Loudoun County March 2024

March is an exciting month for Kelly Ettrich and KEsells with Open Houses in Loudoun County. We have two new listings currently in Active. We have open houses scheduled, so please check these listings out or contact Kelly if you have any buyer referrals. 

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